Go see go do

Hi guys!

This week’s challenge is to take a photo of something or somewhere you’ve planned to see, go to or do for a long time, but haven’t had the opportunity to! This could be a long lost hobby, a favourite place or even something you don’t get much time to do (even Pokemon Go if you’re so inclined:) )

All entries in by noon next Wednesday 27th July!:)

I see red

Evening all!

Hopefully this week’s challenge will be slightly less challenging than last week’s…………………….

All you need to do this week is take a photo of something red.

Please submit entries by 12:00 noon on Wednesday 20th July.

Have a lovely week:)

Through the crystal ball

A while ago now I became aware of how a crystal ball can be used in photography for great effect.

Crystall Ball - Valpolicella

I have been meaning to purchase one for a while now and try the technique out myself, setting the challenge this week has pushed me into getting one (amazon – next day prime delivery if anyone else needs one ASAP for the challenge! Of course, not forgetting that other sites and high street shops are available too!).

Don’t worry though you can achieve the same sort of effect with a curved glass full of water. A red wine glass also works particularly well.

ball glass 4

Please submit your entries 12:00 noon on Wednesday 13th July.  Have a great week everyone:)

The park bench

This weeks challenge is all about the park bench.

Whether you take picture of the bench or from the bench I’ll let you decide.

Please send entires in by 12:00 midday on Wednesday 6th July.

Have a great week (at the park!) and don’t forget your camera:)

Apologies & feedback………………………….

Evening everyone,

Firstly, please accept my apologies for not setting a challenge for a few weeks.  I won’t bore you with any details but it’s fair to say that life well and truly has gotten in the way recently!

As a way of trying to get the work/life/hobbies balance right again I am going to move the challenge from a Tuesday to a Wednesday starting from this week.

I have also noticed recently that the amount of entries being received is few and far in-between (thank you Kirsty – you well and truly deserve a medal for entering every challenge!).  I would really welcome anyone’s feedback to understand what you would like from the website.

Are the challenges:

  • Not challenging enough
  • Too challenging
  • Not technical enough
  • Too technical
  • Set too often
  • Not set enough

Does the way the website require you to send in your photo have any impact on whether you submit a photo to the challenge?

Please feel free to give feedback whether you are a regular challenger or someone who has not yet taken part.



People in summer

Warm Spring weather is here and Summer is well and truly on its way. Everywhere you look, you can see people sitting outdoors eating their sandwiches, listening to buskers or taking a stroll. These people at leisure make excellent photographic subjects, so this week I want everyone to head out and try their hand at candid people photography.

Please send your entries in by noon on Tuesday 31st June. Good luck!