Pareidolia – Results

Well done to everyone who found a hidden face in an inanimate object this week. Quite a few amusing ones this week – well done.


6 thoughts on “Pareidolia – Results

  1. Jonathan December 3, 2013 / 10:08 pm

    I think my favourite this week is Ally‘s angry bird, which has a very direct stare. I think you got the lighting just right to emphasize that. I also like Colin‘s concept and execution. Did you happen to see the bubbles form that way, or did you set them up?

    I was in a handbag shop, searching for my wife’s birthday present. I caught that red bag giving me the evils, so I decided not to buy it. I don’t want a malevolent handbag in my house. In the end I chose a bag without a face, as it was less frightening.


  2. Ally December 3, 2013 / 10:47 pm

    Thanks johnathan, I nearly threw the egg box in the bin and then the angry bird stared back at me. Had a good laugh at the entries this week especially Carole’s and also yours johnathan, yup that’s a scary bag. Not forgetting Jens dragon, that’s just spooky


  3. Colin December 4, 2013 / 10:36 pm

    A real variety this week. My favourites are Carole’s cheeky smiler and Jonathan’s malevolent bag. As for my own effort, it was a glorious ready-made. I didn’t do anything to it other than photograph it.


  4. jduhb50 December 5, 2013 / 3:00 am

    Can’t decide between Ally or Carole both are items I see everyday but have never seen. Tomm great shot of sad cup and Jonathan glad you didn’t buy that possessed bag. Colin how fortuitous. Jess I think your dresser and mine are related.


  5. Debbie Young December 5, 2013 / 5:55 pm

    Some great shots this week – I was impressed (& struggled to find anything vaguely ‘face-like’). I think I lack the creative skills!


  6. tommpouce December 9, 2013 / 9:54 pm

    I’m not much responsible for the sad cup, as it’s a work of art by C├ęsar, who became well known for crushing cars and stuff, and making copies of his thumb (not making this up, I promise).
    My favourite this week would be Carole’s, the framing is nice, the detail of the metal is amazing, and I now look at my coke can differently everyday!


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