What is the Photo Challenge?

What is the Photo Challenge?

The Photo Challenge (formerly the Tuesday Challenge) is the brainchild of Stuart Carter. Each week he would propose a photographic theme or challenge, and entrants would submit their photos.

There is no official judging, and no winners, but participants get the opportunity to comment on other people’s work. The idea is to encourage people to use their cameras more frequently, and more creatively!

Recently Stu has become increasingly busy with his corporate photography business and no longer has time to run the Tuesday Challenge. Saddened to see the end of such a useful resource for beginner and expert photographers alike, Jonathan Gazeley decided to take over the Challenge.

How do I enter?

The rules are simple. A Challenge is proposed and if you would like to take part, simply take your photo and submit it either by email or by uploading it to any place on the Internet (your blog, Flickr, Facebook, etc) and linking to it in the comments section of the Challenge.

Obviously the more people that take part, the better – but if you don’t have time to take a photo each week, it’s fine to join in on odd weeks when the theme takes your fancy.

You can get easy reminders when new Challenges come out by signing up to email notifications, joining our Facebook group, or following our Twitter feed.

Who can take part?

Absolutely anyone. You do not need a fancy camera – just a little bit of imagination and the desire to improve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro, or whether you’ve never taken a photo before. There’s always room for improvements and things you can learn.

The Challenges are not designed to make you spend all your money on cameras or lighting equipment – they are designed to make you think about what you are pointing your camera at.

We welcome entries from anyone – from those using the cameras in their phones, to those using high-end SLRs.

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