Usual rules


Challenges are set on Wednesdays and usually last for one week. The deadline is noon on the following Wednesday. All times are given in British time, GMT/BST. There’s a clock in the right-hand sidebar of every page that shows official Photo Challenge time.

Challenges run most weeks but occasionally there will be a holiday week, or a Challenge that lasts for two weeks.


Pictures should be taken especially for the Challenge, during the time of the Challenge unless stated otherwise – no digging through old photos! To make it fair for everyone, we won’t publish old photos that are sent in, but we will link to your blog.

You are allowed to edit/alter photos after taking them if you want.

Pictures can be taken on any type of camera, from phone cameras all the way up to professional cameras. Photography is not about the camera, but about the imagination of the photographer.


You have two options for sending in your work.

  • Upload your photo to your personal blog, Flickr or some other website. Make sure the picture is publicly viewable, and that not just friends can see it! Post a link to your picture in the comments section of the Challenge page. Please don’t enter the picture by writing on my wall, or messaging me on any social network. It’s too easy for the entry to get lost, and it means Paul can’t see it!
  • Email your photo to Be sure to include the name of the challenge in the subject line!

If you send your entry to the wrong address or publish it on a website and fail to post the link on the Photo Challenge website, it is likely we won’t see your entry and it won’t get published 😦

You retain full ownership and copyright of the image submitted. By sending it in, you grant us to the right to publish it on this website. We will keep the photo on file, but we will request your permission before we do anything else with it.


To keep things interesting, we’re aiming to run a mixture of easy and difficult Challenges, mixing up themes and specific activities. We encourage everyone to have a go at every Challenge, but it’s OK to skip some weeks if they are too hard.

We’re hoping to have regular guest Challenges set by other people, then we get to play as well! As part of this, we will from time to time set “pick from the past” Challenges where you can submit an old photo. If you have an idea for a Challenge, please let us know!


The Photo Challenge aims to be a friendly site, and we don’t seek to critique people’s work (if you want that, there are plenty of other photography sites around!) but friendly, constructive comments are always welcome. Feedback can help people to improve, and we go by the adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

The Challenges are designed to encourage you to use your camera on a regular basis, and more importantly to have fun with photography! 🙂

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